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Developing the Young Workforce

Developing the Young Workforce

In primary schools, ‘Developing the Young Workforce’ will be an integral part of the curriculum which will allow teachers and pupils to links areas of the curriculum to the World of Work.

This section contains relevant information for Primary Schools. It is divided into three sub-sections- Skills for Learning, Life and Work, Career Education and Employer Engagement which are the areas primaries are expected to engage in.

Skills for Life, Learning and Work

All pupils are entitled to a broad general education until the end of S3. In Primary Schools, pupils will be encouraged to identify the skills for learning, life and work which they are developing and will be supported in communicating these in a range of ways, including the P7 Profile.  This section contains Aberdeenshire’s Skills for Learning, Life and Work guidance and support documentation, information on upskilling your curriculum and case studies of good practice.

Career Education

Increasingly primary schools will be expected to plan for opportunities for young people to learn about a range of careers as they progress through primary school. They will also will begin to learn about the skills and qualities required for different jobs. This section contains all relevant documentation about the Career Education Standard, an Aberdeenshire support document, information on how to ensure career education becomes an integral part of your Learning and Teaching and case studies of good practice.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)  has developed a programme of support for youngsters as they proceed through school. SDS has created My World of Work, a useful careers resource for pupils and parents. Gradually Primary P7 pupils are being introduced to My Work to aid transition to secondary.

Employer Engagement

Schools will work with a range of business and community partners to help youngsters gain the skills, qualities and needed to prepare them for the world of work. Working with employers also helps to make learning real for young people. This section contains all relevant documentation about Employer Engagement as well as advice for schools on how to get started in engaging with the businesses and local community to enhance learning and teaching.

DWY North East aims to support schools to form partnerships with business.  It will support schools in planning and running business related events and in the formation of Employer Engagement Boards, which are designed to bring schools and businesses together to help in the planning of support at a local level for youngsters’ career education in the widest possible sense.

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