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Who We Are

The 2022/2023 School Parent Council are;

  • Gavin Reilly – Chair 
  • Sarah Brownie – Treasurer
  • Emma Slater and Penelope Peacock – Joint Secretary

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The Parent Council is not made up of just three individuals, there are many parents who take on different roles: some attend meetings, some help out on days we are fundraising, some act as chaperones for the school events. Others help the school in a more direct manner by going on school trips, volunteering to pour juice for coffee mornings, or making sure the children don’t get lost in the woods during the forest school!  We are a community school and we rely on everyone to come together as a community, everyone is welcome to get involved in whatever capacity feels best for best for you.  If you are a parent or guardian of a Cluny pupil then you are automatically a member, please come along to our next meeting and learn more.  We are keen to ensure that we are representing as many of our Parent’s views as possible, so we’d love to hear from you!

What We Do

The Parent Council has a very specific role to play: it exists to support the Head and the teachers, the parents/guardians and the pupils. The Council will be involved in several different activities during the year, including running school events and raising money.  The money that we raise is fed back into the school in ways that are student centric.

We meet several times during the year to encourage the involvement of as many people as possible and to talk directly with Mrs Gilmour about the school and any new initiatives or developments that are taking place.  Our meetings are open to all parents/guardians and we strongly encourage you to attend and find out about all the good work the school is doing, how to contribute and assist with events.

Let us know if you would like to more about the Parent Council, if you’d like any issue discussed at a future meeting, if you have any skills you would like to share through an extra-curricular activity or an after-school club, if you have an idea for a different fundraising or social event or if you feel we are completely off track with something we already do – please feel free to get in touch or come along to one of our committee meetings.