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Cluny School Closure / Emergency Alert Information 2020/2021

There are a number of ways that you can check on school closures:

    We will firstly use Groupcall to message all parents in the event of a closure.
  2. ABERDEENSHIRE WEBSITE  https://online.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/Apps/schools-closures/ (the web page is re-set at 4.00pm every day to be clear for next day’s information).  We recommend you register for free to receive email alerts when the school updates their closure status.
  3. THE SCHOOL INFORMATION LINE – Dial 0370 054 4999, Enter Cluny code 021480, Follow instructions
    Out with school hours, your local radio station is a good place to find closure information.  Popular stations are:
  • Northsound 2 MW 1035kHz
  • BBC Radio Scotland FM 92.4 – 94.7
  • Original FM 106 
  • NECR FM 97.1-106.4
  • Transported children are the responsibility of the hirers, drivers are aware that:
    • Pupils have to be conveyed to their homes
    • Pupils can only be left at an address which has been prearranged and authorised by the parent
    • Pupils should be taken back to school in the failure of either of the above.Northsound 1 FM 96.9

Please be aware of the following:

  • Group Call is the message service that we will use to send out a text or an e-mail to the first named contact in the event of a school closure or an emergency. Please make sure that this is the person who is most likely to be able to pick up the message quickly. Contact us if you wish to change around your contact information.
  • The Group Call text/e-mail message can only be very short. For further information, please see the Council website or phone the school. You can also download the Group Call App – it doesn’t cost the school any money to use, so please use this if you can.
  • Please note that you can also register and subscribe on the Aberdeenshire Council website in order to receive e-mail alerts from the Council when the school closes. We would recommend that you do this, too.
  • In the event of a school closure or change to transport arrangements:
    • You will be informed firstly by Group Call text, e-mail or App.
    • You will be informed by Aberdeenshire Council alert e-mail (if you have registered).
    • The information will be given on the Aberdeenshire Council website.
    • On some occasions, a message will be left on the school emergency phone line.
      • Tel: 0370 054 4999 then 021480.
    • Please be aware that under some circumstances it may be impossible for me to put a message on all of these systems. e.g. If there is a power cut. It is also difficult for me to send out this information simultaneously.
    • Parents have always assisted us in the past when there has been a closure during the school day and we are anxious that this continues. Please can you contact your Cluny friends when there is an urgent message from the school, to ensure that they have received it? Please look at ways of helping each other and us by arranging to pick up your friend’s children. Remembering that we should be informed by e-mail or phone call that you are happy for your child to go with your friend.
    • For your information, when we ‘close’ the school we want to get each child home as quickly as possible. However, staff stay as long as necessary to supervise and look after the children until they can all be picked up.
    • Only in the most extreme circumstances would we use the storm addresses.
    • Please check the Council website regularly when there is severe weather.
    • Unfortunately, when closing the school during the school day it is not practical for us to phone all parents. However, if after a while we do not hear from you we will try to phone you. It really helps us when parents, who know it will take them a while to get to school, e-mail or phone us to say that they are on their way.